Current promotional offers for the packaging process

Do you want to save time and money by optimizing the packaging process in your production?

Current promotional offers

 Our packaging machines and solutions cover all industrial production - from machines and tools for strapping, box sealing  and pallet stretching, to complex conveyor systems and robotic lines for automated box processing, palletizing and subsequent pallet processing.

Here you can find our current promotional offers:


Socco System Case Sealer T-10 + 60 rolls of tape for machine application

 We offer a wide range of case sealers suitable for almost any task: for sealing of identical or varying box sizes, for wide or narrow tape, for top and bottom sealing, side sealing, automatic flap closure, etc. The offer is valid for all models of the product sheet on the site.


Package 1: Stretch Wrapper FROMM FS 360 with turnrable diameter 1500 mm + 736 kg stretch film included

Package 2: Stretch Wrapper FROMM FS 360 + with turnrable diameter 1650 mm + 736 kg stretch film included

Package 3: Stretch Wrapper FROMM FS 360 + with turnrable diameter 1650 mm and pre-stretch 200% + 736 kg stretch film with 250% stretchability included

FROMM Stretch Wrapping Machines replace manual pallet packing at a very affordable price. Extremely easy to use and can be used for any application.

3. Special PREFERENCIAL CONDITIONS for Soco System Pallet Loaders

They save time and hard and physically demanding working functions, improve precision and increase productivity.

4. PREFERENCIAL PRICES for Strapping Machines for packaging production and transportation of products. We offer more than 40 basic models of strapping tools (pneumatic, electric and manual) and semi- or fully automatic strapping systems.

The promotion is valid for new and current customers.

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