Linx Printernet is a secure cloud-based application that provides production / engineering managers with remote access and control of industrial equipment

Linx PrinterNet supports businesses to adapt to changing working practices

Coronavirus is undoubtedly having a serious negative impact on Bulgarian businesses. The declared state of emergency and the subsequent austerity measures have greatly changed the economic life in the country. At these challenging times when social distancing and and reduced staffing levels are impacting productivity, Linx PrinterNet can support business.

Introducing Linx Printernet - a secure cloud-based application which allows you to see the status of your Linx printers Anytime, Anywhere. It provides production / engineering managers with remote access and control of equipment enabling them to better manage the production line.

How can Linx PrinterNet help customers right now?

  • Ability to view the current status of equipment from anywhere, no more walking the line
  • Faster reaction to problems, reducing downtime and getting production back on track quickly
  • Control over production runs and how production is progressing towards deadlines so changeovers can be optimised, no delays
  • Real-time fluid alerts inform you of any printers needing your attention, enabling faster reaction time and maximising uptime
  • Remote diagnosis of printer for accurate and faster resolution of printer issues, either by explaining over the phone, or by logging into your printer and making changes
  • Keep data (such as your approved messages) in the cloud-based online message store so the correct formats and details are always included. In case of loss of printer settings you’ll have quick recovery
  • When there is a problem, managers can see history of the production line and what happened: they can see trail of actions and operators. In this way, further training or tweaks to the system can be identified and put in place.

How to manage the system?

  • Can be run on phone, PC and tablet – to ensure managers can view the information anywhere and at anytime.
  • Get all data in one place having a single source of information
  • Review historic production data to help you plan future production runs and support continuous improvement.

Production and engineering managers are up against a myriad of tasks and need to have the right tools to make effective decisions. It is imperative that manufacturers take measures to reduce production problems. By implementing the best equipment and data management possible, they will have success.

Now you can take adventage of free use of PrinterNet remote control service for a period of 1 year with each purchased Linx 8900 printer. Customers who have already had printers can take advantage of a special promotional price for this service. 

Need help?

Our support team is on hand to deliver fast, fault resolution connecting remotely to your printer, assist you with message setup and provide maintenance advice.