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Strapping is an important element in the packaging and securing of goods and cargo during transportation and storage. Proper packaging ensures that the goods will be protected from damage, moisture, dust and other adverse conditions during transport or storage. In this context, strapping ranks as one of the safest and most effective methods, offering reliable cargo protection and ensuring their trouble-free transportation and storage.     

Choosing the right strapping tools, materials and equipment is essential to achieve optimal results when packing and transporting goods and cargo. Therefore, when choosing a strapping tool, it is important to consider several factors:

  • Type of goods, weight, shape and dimensions - some tools are more suitable for packing light or medium-heavy loads, while others are designed for heavy and large loads.
  • Volume and intensity of production - determine how many goods or loads should be packed per day or per hour. This will help you determine if you need a hand tool for smaller volumes or an automated machine for larger volumes.
  • Specific packaging requirements – is the load to be packed stable and how many strips are needed for packing.

When choosing a strapping machine, it is also important to consider the type of tape you would use. This will help you choose the right machine that will meet your specific packaging and security needs for your goods and cargo. Strapping machines are divided into two main categories depending on the type of strap they use.

Plastic tape machines - designed for packaging with polyester (PET) or polypropylene (PP) tape. Polyester (PET) tape is extremely strong and suitable for packing heavier loads or in conditions where high strength of the package is required. Polypropylene (PP) tape is more flexible and is used to pack lighter or medium loads. These machines are suitable for all productions, for heavy loads during transportation, loading and unloading. Plastic tape machines can be manual or pneumatic depending on the needs and packaging volume.

Metal strip machines - the metal strip is extremely strong and is used for packing heavy or gauge loads with non-standard shapes. They are most often used in industries where high tensile strength and package strength are required. Strapping machines for metal tape can have different functions and characteristics, including the use of metal seals to tighten the tape. Some machines may have double cutting of the seal, which provides additional stability and security of the load. Strapping machines for metal strips can be manual or pneumatic and are suitable for any type of production.

The strapping tools and machines offered by FROMM are among the market leaders and have proven their reliability, efficiency and quality in every industry. These tools and machines are distinguished by high productivity, precision and flexibility, allowing businesses to pack their goods in the best way. As the exclusive representative and service of FROMM, Betelgeus offers a wide range of strapping solutions, which includes over 40 base models of tying tools (manual, electric and pneumatic) for plastic and metal tape, semi-automatic and automatic desktop machines for polypropylene tape, high-quality belt feeding systems and fully automatic plastic and metal strapping machines that would meet the specific needs of different industries.

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