Cable marking with Linx 8900

For clear, accurate and long-lasting marks on wires and cables

If you're looking for the right technology for cable marking and wire printing the answer is industrial inkjet printers LINX 8900 series. We will briefly answer the question why the LINX 8900 series inkjet printer is very suitable for cable marking?

  1. You can print contactlessly on most plastics
  2. Linx provides high speed marking up to 2600 characters per second
  3. Delivers multiple lines of text and simple graphics on tiny dimensions
  4. Reliable operation in hot, wet or dusty environments because of IP55-rated stainless steel enclosure as standard and with IP65 optional
  5. CIJ printer is more capable of being quickly moved from line to line
  6. Further versatility is given by the compact printhead that can be situated above, beside or beneath a production line
  7. Minimise errors – easy, intuitive message creation through easy-to-use interfaces as well as remote monitoring reduce scrappage costs from errors. The printer provides flexibility to change messages at the touch of a button with a vast range sizes, styles and on many substrates
  8. A wide range of inks available, including pigmented & UV cure inks. Pigmented inks of different colours offer superlative contrast and durability to ensure codes stand out on any colour substrate Additionally, UV cure inks provide excellent adhesion, light fastness, and resistance to a range of chemicals – perfect for preventing code transference during production and fading during end-use.

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