In support of social distancing

In the context of social distancing and reduced staffing levels, digitization and development of new solutions are of even greater importance. At hard times like these Bulgarian economy must continue to operate. That's why our team of professionals takes care of the smooth operations of customers with solutions and products suitable for faster and painless adaptation to a changing working environment.

For warehouses, manufacturing plants, retail / wholesale, cab label printers are a good example in this regard. You can access printers from anywhere, anytime. You will be able to monitor and control the labeling processes remotely without the need for on-site presence. The HTTP and FTP server integrated in the printer via standard programs like a web browser or FTP clients allows printer control and configuration, firmware updates and memory card administration. Via email or SNMP, you receive notification about the printer status, warnings and error messages.

Now you have the opportunity to get a pack of free supplies (labels, ribbons) when purchasing a cab label printer. The pack of supplies is determined according to the model of the machine selected and your specific needs. The promotion is valid till 16th April, 2020.

Via the free software Cab Network Manager it is possible to simultaneously manage several printers within the network. Control, configuration, firmware updates, memory card administration, data synchronization and PIN administration are supported from one single location. Ready for A+ and X series, Hermes+, Hermes C and PX. In preparation for SQUIX and MACH 4S.

Printers connected to a network may directly access data from an external central database and print it on a label via a free Database Connector module.

Cab printers come with open source programming and 2 year warranty. They are able to select and print labels even when they are not connected to a host system. CAB is one of four companies in the world certified as a partner in SAP Printer Vendor Program, thus all cab printers are certified and ready to integrate with SAP.

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