Easy printing of box labels according to GS1 standard

To facilitate companies to produce labels for logistics units, our company has developed a software box labels in compliance with GS1 standards. This is a flexible and extremely easy to use budget solution.

How the software works?
1. Scan the work shift.
2. Scan a product label.
The software collects the information from the scanned product label. The variable fields (product name, units, unit weight) are collected from the database. The total weight of the products in the box is calculated automatically.
3. The box label is printed after a signal from the operator.
4. After label printing, the printer returns information about the manufactured items to the database.

The advantages of the software:
• No cost for expensive software
• No training costs for GS1 staff and specialists
• No need to be acquainted with GS1 requirements in details
• The label attributes are always in the same place, which allows the operator to navigate easily
• GS1 barcode is created automatically
• There is an option for real-time reporting of the finished product
• The label design is created according to the requirements of the client

Please contact our consultants for more details and access to the portal.