Бетелгиус става на 29 години

Effective together!

Successes should be celebrated. And on August 20 we’ll celebrate 29 years of successfully delivering solutions in primary and secondary coding, marking, labeling, packaging and product tracing.
The story began 29 years ago! Looking back, we started SMALL but grew FAST. The key to success? The proximity we have with our customers and their needs. The key to success? We believe there is no shortcut to success. It is a direction you consciously choose to go. Sometimes you have to stop, wait or speed up to overtake the competition. When we set goals, we achieve them. 29 years of careful planning, hard work, and persistence. We have chosen the path of unwavering excellence in everything we do and offer. A path during which we implemented thousands of important projects across numerous fields and sectors. As well as the proximity we have with our customers and their needs. Very soon we will cut the ribbon on our new administrative building with showroom, wholesale warehouse, production and service centre in the Bozhurishte industrial zone.
This is our story. A story in which the protagonists are our customers, and we are the faithful Partner whom they meet at the beginning of their journey. The goal is to walk the path together from beginning to end. Often, the story line is accompanied by difficulties that must be overcome. And the expected result of our work is the happy end, which is usually a reason to start the next joint adventure. We are proud of our past, but always moving forward. There is still so much work to be done, but we are left with the feeling that the best is yet to come.
We have grown, developed, and learnt a lot over the past 29 years, but we will not stop there! We thank the people of our team, with whom we went through many difficulties, problems, and hardships over the years, but remained empathetic and dedicated to the development of the company. With a strong and cohesive team, there is no difficulty that cannot be overcome. Nothing is impossible to conquer with a strong and cohesive team. Their achievements are incredible, and we are truly proud of them. We also thank all partners and customers who believed in us and because of whom we exist.
For the coming decades, we wish to be even more adaptive, flexible, and innovative. Because our recipe for the future is to be even better every day than yesterday. Looking for new horizons and growth areas, in which we can once again prove that we are industry leaders.

Happy birthday, Betelgeus!