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FROMM Series FS2000

Brand: Fromm Packaging Systems
  • 99 separate programs
  • For all kinds of applications
  • Various machine options
  • Easy to use
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FROMM Series 2000 is a range of high-quality packaging machines that offer exceptional efficiency and reliability for a wide range of industrial sectors. The FS2000 series are packaging machines designed for automated and efficient packaging of pallets. These machines are equipped with the latest technologies and features that allow the user to perform packaging from the beginning to the end of the process, automatically and remotely.

The series offers automated solutions for packaging pallets of different sizes and weights. The innovative patented ÆolusTM technology fastens the packaging film by means of an air jet. Thanks to the revolutionary technology, the work process is optimized and becomes more efficient, while labor costs are reduced.

  • 7" touchscreen display
  • 99 separate programs

The main standard technical features

  • State of the Art 7” Touch Screen Operating Panel (OP). For easy and flexible programming and reading service information
  • Power supply: 110 - 230V, 50/60Hz, 1 phase,
  • Choice of turntables Ø 1.500 (std), 1.650, 1.800, 2.200, 2.400 and 2.600 mm. (4.11 ft - std, 5.4, 5.10, 7.2, 7.10, 8.6 ft.)
  • Special turntables ; Horse-shoe (Ø 1.650 & 1.800 mm / 5.4 , 5.10 ft) and Ultra-Low—25 mm / 1” (Ø 1.650 mm / 5.4 ft). With multiple loading direction options. Max. load: 1.200 Kg. (2,645 lbs)
  • Ramps for various applications, incl. electric pallet movers
  • Masts for pallet heights: 2.450 (std), 2.700, 3.200, 3.500 and 3.900 mm. (8.0 ft - std, 8.10, 10.5, 11.5, and 12.9 ft). Other pallet heights available upon request
  • Film carriages; CA2 mechanical brake (std),. Optional: CA4 magnetic brake, CA6 one-motor pre-stretch, with fixed gears & roller brake 200%
  • Soft start & Stop in 0-position
  • Audio signal at start of cycle and machine status indication light; green, red and blue.
  • Pallet height sensing photocell incl. gears for 150 and 250%, CA7 Power Pre-stretch 120 - 350% - Easily replaced retrospectively

Some of the most interesting options

  • Film carriage add-ons:
     Double coil dispenser
     Double carriage for protective cushioning wrap
     Adapter for coreless coils
     Coil holder kit for Net-wrapping
     Film cutting at the end of the wrapping cycle
     Automatic cutting film strips (3, 4 or 5 strips)
     Film widths 750 & 1.000 mm. (29.5” & 39.3”)
     Manual or automatic film roping
  • Remote control
  • Counter of film consumption and number of wrapped pallets
  • Stretch film measuring unit
  •  Cycle counter
  •  Low temp kits
  • Scale units and printers
  • Top pressure plates
  • Brackets for special products

State of the Art 7” Touch Screen Operating Panel

  • Machine settings, operation and service information with easy error read out
  • Program locking feature, with password, for consistent wrapping
  • 99 Free programmable programs for the best wrapping results
  • Film tension and pre-stretch at every phase of the wrapping process - CA4, CA6 and CA7
  • Frequency controlled turntable speed at 4 sectors; 5 - 12 rpm
  • Frequency controlled upward/downward film carriage speed;
    1,3 - 5,4 m/min. (4.3 - 17.8 ft/m)
  •  Banderol and roping positions at various levels for extra stability
  • Multi layer programming and film overlap
  • Top and bottom wrapping for extra stability of goods (1 - 10) and mid-cycle wraps at different heights
  • Setting comfort position of carriage, for easy roll change
  • Cycle Start and Stop at pre-set heights
  • Top sheet allocation cycle