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Brand: Linx Printing Technologies Ltd
  • Simple installation
  • Quick & easy starts
  • Hassle-free cartridge technology
  • Low initial cost
  • Low installation cost
  • Low running costs
  • Continual reliable performance
  • No maintenance and no wear parts
  • Long-lasting printed messages


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Thermal ink jet printers (TIJ) LINX are maintenance free with no downtime and no training costs. They provide a high-resolution digital alternative to roller coders, hand placed labels and continuous ink jet systems. The wide range of inks available make them particularly suitable for coding onto a range of applications and substrates.
Designed for single shift production, the Linx TJ20 is a unique, affordable thermal ink jet printer which prints multiple lines of text and graphics onto a wide range of packaging materials. With intuitive design and straightforward push-button panel, the printer is easy to use and you can be sure it will work every time – saving your brain space for (more important things like) developing your business.


Simple Installation: this small and compact printer makes setup easy: install on your line using a single bracket and then let the built-in product detector do the rest.
Quick & easy starts: Start printing quickly with easy-to-use message creation software, and fast operation using a simple push-button panel. No need for lengthy training or setup.
Hassle-free cartridge technology: Easy to switch cartridges from HP or Funai, and with no ink refills or service required, you can save time and money too.


Low initial cost: The Linx TJ20 is purpose designed to provide a simple and affordable printing solution, without the cost of a ‘one size fits all’ printer. It is perfect for single-shift operators with a passion for quality, but with simple setup and operation.
Low installation cost: Place the Linx TJ20 on any level surface or fix directly to your conveyor, ideal for where automation is needed but space is limited. As it is so versatile, you’ll need only this one printer to print multiple lines of text and graphics onto a wide range of packaging materials.
Low running costs: No maintenance costs and a low cost per print (compared to labels) for small or medium production volumes, ensures quality codes that won’t break the bank.


Continual reliable performance: Proven technology components provide optimum performance for the lifetime of the product, keeping your costs down and production time up.
No maintenance and no wear parts: Increasing production time and reducing operating costs while delivering consistent print quality – this new TJ20 will keep everyone happy! Each time you change the cartridge you also automatically change the printhead and ink system, to ensure the unit works first time, every time.
Long-lasting printed messages: On a wide variety of materials and surfaces, with a range of fast drying inks available for excellent adhesion and longevity.


  • Printhead: Single LX cartridge with intelligent cartridge care and sensing or Single HP cartridge with intelligent cartridge care and sensing.
  • High quality aluminium housing
  • Printing orientation: sideways and downwards
  • Maximum vertical print resolution: 300 DPI
  • Horizontal print resolution: 50 - 900 DPI
  • Maximum print speed: 30m/min @ 300dpi
  • Maximum print height: 12.7mm, 0.5 inch
  • Maximum message length: 1m
  • Up to 9 messages are selectable via the printer directly, using the pushbuttons
  • 3-button operation with LED indicators

Printing Capabilities

  • Prints text, time, date, logo
  • Transfer of messages to printer via USB stick or Ethernet

Physical Characteristics

  • Weight: 570g
  • Length: 119mm/118mm
  • Width: 75mm/82mm
  • Height: 96mm/96mm
  • Maximum operating time: designed for continuous operating

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