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Thermal transfer ribbons

Thermal transfer ribbons

  • Wax
  • Wax-Reisin
  • Reisin
  • Textile-Reisin
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BETELGEUS’s product range of premium quality thermal transfer ribbons is available for all thermal transfer printer technologies. Our flat head, near edge and inline ribbons are designed to print on a wide variety of materials. A comprehensive range of wax, wax/resin and resins are available. We can provide you with individual solutions over a variety of industries, including flexible packaging, care label printing, industrial/chemical labeling, pharmaceutical and food industry sectors.

TTR ribbons are available in a mixture of black and colour formulations.


  • Wax ribbons are the most common type of TTR used for general labelling, product identification and ticketing. These grades require a broad substrate flexibility, often at high print speeds yet are required to have significant scratch and smear resistance for everyday use.



  • These grades are a combination of both wax and resin components which result in an increased durability in applications whilst retaining a wide range substrate flexibility.



  • Resin ribbons are recommended when your application requires the most durability finished product and are often used in combination with a suitably receptive substrate. Resin products are typically used when products require resistance against specific chemicals or processes.


Textile Resin

  • Textile Resin products have been specially formulated to work in combination with a variety of TTR receptive care label materials.


Thermal Transfer Overprinting /Inline Products

  • These products are ideally suited for the demands of high-speed printing environments and printing onto flexible packaging.